Bay Area Whiskey and Liquor Catering

And Food T00

Let the crew from Shovels cater your next party. Cocktails, craft beer, whiskey, great party food.

Ready to eat?

The team from shovels can make your party exceptional. Impress your friends, clients, or team bonding for your company. Shovels can keep it simple and provide your basic cocktails or take it up several levels with house specialty cocktails, craft beer and whisky tasting experiences.

Our Services Include

Liquor catering

Liquor catering: Cocktails, beer, wine, spirits, craft beer

Craft beer tasting

Craft beer tasting

Whiskey tastings

Whiskey tastings

Food catering

Food catering

Event production

Event production with partner venues and services

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Drop that spoon and work the room

Dinner parties are best enjoyed together, with friends. Book now and leave the domestic fuss to us.